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Experienced and Proven IT Consulting Service for your Small to Medium Sized Business.

Let us provide you with above and beyond Professional IT Consulting to allow your business to save money and potentially MAKE money through your technology.


Windows Based Operating Systems Ranging From:

*  Windows 2000 and Windows 2000 Servers

*  Windows 2003 Standard Servers and 2003 Exchange Servers

*  Windows 2008 Standard Servers and 2008 Exchange Servers

*  Windows 2011 Standard Servers and 2010 Exchange Servers

*  Windows 7 (All Versions)

*  Windows 8 (All Versions)


We also support DOS based systems that are connected to manufacturing equipment such as Gerber Cutters.


Smart Phones:

*  Android OS Phones - We are experts with Android OS phones and can recommend and set you up with life changing app lists.

*  Windows Mobile Phones

*  Blackberry Phones

*  iPhones


We can connect your Android OS Phone, Windows Mobile Phone and iPhone directly to your Exchange 2003 Server and above.



We can upgrade the recording capacity of your existing TIVO, replace failed or failing hard drives, and diagnose common issues.


We can also set your TIVO up on a home network and connect it to the Internet to access a vast amount of content and added entertainment experience available online.  We can also teach you how to program your TIVO from your smart phone or your computer remotely.


Multiple TIVO's?  We can connect them together on your local network and show you how to transfer shows to each device including your laptop or smart phone to watch on the go!


Internet Service:

If you need consultation on an Internet Service Provider for your business or home, you can count on us.  If you are having Internet problems you can contact us and we will get it solved.


Website Development with Email and Web Hosting Services:

Our subsidiary company, CW Productions, designs incredibly stylized and innovative full CSS websites.  We also provide top web and email hosting through our subsidiary hosting company, Neo Web Hosting.


Our Business Philosophy:

CW Productions and Zion Technologies, Inc. provide website and e-commerce solutions with the understanding that our client is getting more than just a URL that someone can browse to on the Internet.  We want to establish a profitable business relationship with our client, as if we are now employees of your company.


To do this we have researched, learned, and now incorporate different technologies and marketing methods to help our clients bring more profitability to their business in ways they may not have discovered, understand, or care to take the time to research, simply because they are too busy with their main business core.  We understand that, so we offer a package focused on profitability when we sell websites, not just a bunch of files thrown on a web host that we walk away from like most web designers do.  We are focused on supporting and helping local business owners, with all of the same technologies we use to make our own businesses successful.


Networks, Routers, and VPN (Virtual Private Tunnels):

We currently support numerous business and home networks from their router to highly secure VPN connections for data and phone communications.  We can connect your businesses data and phone communications together or connect your business data just as if you were sitting at your computer at work from anywhere in the world you have an Internet connection.


Merchant Services, Credit Card Payment Systems, and Online Payment Gateways:

Zion Technologies, Inc. is a representative of the best Merchant Account provider in America, Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions.


Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions has patented products and services that bring your business additional profits, instead of just having their hand in your till taking a percentage of your profits every month like the majority of Merchant Processors out there.  Most business owners don't fully understand Merchant Account Services and this is one area where what you don't understand IS costing you money and business profitability.


If you are a business owner that truly cares about the bottom line and the profitability of your business, or even has one doubt about understanding your Merchant Account, that is more than enough reason to Contact Zion Technologies, Inc. with your questions and a copy of your latest Merchant Account (Credit Card) Statement.  You have a unique opportunity with Zion Technologies, Inc. as your Merchant Account Services Provider Rep, because Zion Technologies, Inc. is a business just like you, with Merchant Accounts just like you.  It's like having a fellow business owner help consult and provide a service or product that you do not specialize in, but only want to receive from a friend or local business owner.  It's absolutely the scenario to have with your Merchant Account.


Data Recovery and Data Backup Services:

Zion Technologies, Inc. is also a certified reseller of the incredible online backup service, Carbonite.  Since we started providing this incredible service to our clients we have saved them thousands of dollars in lost data issues, because the data was backed up online with Carbonite!  Contact Us today to automatically get your business and personal data backed up securely online, so you can rest easy at night!

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